About TechData

Tech Data is one of the world’s largest technology distributors. We help companies like Microsoft — and hundreds of others — bring their products to market, and we offer a wide range of technical and business support services.

We certify, train, instruct and support our reseller customers, and help configure, install and finance their purchases. Many of the Software/Cloud applications that you use in your daily life have passed through our StreamOne Portal on their way to market.

Tech Data Cloud is designed for our reseller partners to maximize their profits and scale their businesses to easily meet client in a rapidly-evolving cloud subscriptions landscape.

Our Cloud platform simplifies purchasing, billing and more. The StreamOne Cloud Marketplace helps It Solution Providers and manage subscriptions services on behalf of their end-users. The StreamOne Enterprise platform provides n-tier features and tools for partners with large IaaS customers that need self-service access and control. The StreamOne Enterprise Solutions platform provides more advanced features for partners to create custom cloud products with a branded storefront for marketing to their customers.